Ginny In Jane Smiley's Narrative Essay

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The next several days passed smoothly and without incident. The bakery did well, Draco continued to write, and he and Ginny continued to spend as much time as they could together. She didn 't tell him out loud, but Ginny loved waking up next to him every morning and seeing his pale face so at ease. Even more so, she loved sleeping next to the person she cared about most. The one thing that marred the building of their life together was the thought of having to tell Ron and Harry about Draco before the breakfast next Saturday. The thought built and bothered Ginny daily, so much so that Draco eventually decided for her that she would just tell the two of them at the monthly Weasley dinner, which was, coincidentally, the Wednesday before the breakfast was scheduled. Two days before the dinner, Ginny was at…show more content…
"I am so worried," started Ginny, swallowing hard, "because I have to introduce my fiance to my ex-boyfriend. And this would be something awful to begin with, even if they weren 't, like, arch-enemies at Hogwarts. Which they were. And-" Ginny attempted to continue to try and explain what was going on with her but was interrupted by a shriek from Louisa and her shouting, "YOU USED TO DATE HARRY POTTER?" Ginny was taken aback by Louisa 's exclamation, and watched her jumping around and arm flailing with confused bemusement, eventually answering, "Um, yes?" "The-most-famous-wizard-of-your-generation-Harry-Potter? The-boy-who-lived-Harry-Potter? The-boy-who-defeated-the-Dark-Lord-who-is-now-an-extremely-handsome-man-Harry-Potter?" Louisa appeared to be hyperventilating and was fanning herself with her hands. Ginny pulled a chair over from the corner and with a flick of her wand, the layer of flour that had been resting on it whisked to the floor. Louisa sat heavily, still fanning herself and squealing occasionally. Ginny leaned over her, took a deep breath, and did the thing any good friend would do, by asking, "Yes, all of the above. Would you
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