Giorgione Barbarelli's Life During The Renaissance Era

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Kila Ung Wrote... GIORGIONE The Renaissance was a time of new life after the Black Plague. Everyone was fed up with dancing alongside death everyday. Most people turned to knowledge, and almost everyone began skilling themselves in the arts. This brought an eruption of new innovations that are still used today. There were a lot of historically important people in the Renaissance era, but one of the most prominent was Giorgione Barbarelli. In circa 1477, Giorgione was born in a small town called Castelfranco, just outside of Venice, Italy. Not a lot was recorded about his life, but we do know for certain that he studied under the greatest venetian master at that time. In 1490, Giorgione traveled to Venice and became the apprentice of Giovanni Bellini. Tradition says that Giorgione was a handsome man. His name Giorgione is translated to ‘tall George’ or ‘large George’, but it could also mean ‘great George’, because he was such an innovator. Over time Giorgione became an unequaled master of oil painting. After he was trained by Bellini, Giorgione began painting many little, devotional Madonnas, of which he became a true specialist. Vasari (an artist himself, and a historian) claimed that Giorgione was one of the founders of modern art, especially with his…show more content…
Looking at this painting, you are immediately drawn to the eyes of the nude women, because she is looking directly at you. In her arms is a nursing baby and across the scenery is a man holding a staff and dressed in modern venetian clothing. Between them (taking up most of the canvas) is a city and a single bolt of lightning in the clouds. There is so much symbolism here that this piece is left up for individual interpretation. Over the years art historians have come up with almost every explanation imaginable. These explanations varied from a soldier and a gypsy, all the way back to Adam and
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