Giovanni Bellini: An Italian Renaissance Artist

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Giovanni Bellini, an Italian renaissance painter. He came from a family of artists but not much is known about this part of his life, his career on the other hand is a major focus of Renaissance advances. His skills brought realism to paintings that weren’t there before. Without him, realism painting may never have taken off, plus historical understanding of his time may never had advanced in the ways it did. Giovanni Bellini was an Italian hand to sway the tide of artistic history. When viewing famous works of art, Bellini’s tend to make an appearance quite frequently. He came from a family of painters (theory says he worked with his father and a brother to get started with painting), even using his fathers style (late gothic graceful) of painting, as inspiration for his own works. His father introduced Giovanni to wood panel paintings, which later became a great asset to Giovanni’s career. Gentile was Giovanni’s brother, it seems as though birthdays for the two are unknown, many people argue about Giovanni’s birthday, and so his true age false unanswered. His brother as chosen to paint in the hall of the great council of Venice. He was to paint historical scenes, but was sent on a mission to Constantinople, and so Giovanni was given his place. When there, he developed his craft so much…show more content…
Bellini was born an artist, ready to change the artistic world and he has done just that with his ever evolved techniques. His advances and encouragement to the arts heavily inflicted our lives. Without him our historians would have nowhere near as good of an understanding of the Renaissance time and art will most likely have not advanced as it did. The beautiful art produced on the walls of which he painted could never be viewed. Art of landscapes could never be so accurate. This Italian artist with a mysterious past changed not only artistic history, but present understanding of the past as
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