Giovanni Pico Della Mirandoo: The Study Of Philosophy

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For those who understand nothing of the study of philosophy it can often prove confusing as to why one would wish to pursue a career within this art. Philosophy, I have learned, can be difficult, frustrating, complex, and at times challenging to our own moral codes and conducts that we hold as individuals. However, for those who do understand the benefit of the study of philosophy this experience can be liberating and even empowering to a certain extent. It is true that throughout the pursuit of philosophical enlightenment many of our own ideals and creeds may be challenged, although through this confrontation of the self we are enabled to become closer to the truth of things, we may grasp concepts and ideas that which we have never considered prior to this. The young Italian humanist philosopher Giovanni Pico della Mirandola had thought exactly just that. In his most famous piece “Oration on the Dignity of Man”, Pico attempts to justify the quest for knowledge, his work prior to this facing a charge of heresy and is thus banned. In the following paragraphs we shall discuss as to why Pico believes that the study of philosophy is essential, taking into account the cultural and historical context of the piece, the pursuit of knowledge by mankind in the face of ignorance and ultimately, the justification and benefit of the pursuit of philosophical thought.

To understand the importance behind the most widely read of Pico’s work we must first understand the cultural context in

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