Girish Karnad Drama Analysis

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ABSTRACT Everybody is wearing a mask. It’s in literature that true life can be found. It’s under the mask of fiction that you can tell the truth. Karnad’s plays from the point of view of Themes and techniques. While, doing so, mainly be on man-woman relationship with the institution of marriage in the post-colonial society. Karnad is India’s best living playwright whose journey of a truly ‘Indian Theatre’ which can be true to its traditions and at the same time responsive to contemporary concerns. Drama being an audiovisual medium of expression has been a very effective and powerful genre in the world literature. Indian Drama has development of drama from Greece, Roman, England and India give special importance upon the fact that is has always been an included as part of a whole culture, highlighting and value of moral commitments, religious convictions, philosophical approaches, and social and political changes in various countries. Drama is a mimetic representation of life combining in it the real and imaginary events, art and reality and presenting the events and characters with in a dimension of space and time.

MYTHOLOGICAL EXPRESSION IN THE FIRE AND THE RAIN Girish Karnad being a leading playwright of the contemporary times represents the generation of playwrights, who have a commendable manner and resolved the conflict between modernity and tradition. These playwrights
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