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Ctirical Study of the Plays of Girish Karnad Chapter II The Man and The Writer Godugunuri Prasad Girish Karnad is one of the notable playwrights of the present Indian period and the most outstanding practitioner of generous arts in India. He has given the Indian cinema a richness that might plausibly be equated merely alongside his talents as an actor-director. His contribution goes beyond theatre: he has managed feature films, documentaries and television serials in Kannada, Hindi, and English and has frolicked managing acts as an actor in Hindi, and Kannada fine art films, in a little Telugu business movies and television serials. An actor-director, art-critic and film star Karnad is a multi-faceted literary writer. He has embodied Indian in external fields as an emissary of fine art and culture. Karnad was born at Matheran near Mumbai, in 1938, comes from a Saraswat Konkani family of Mangalore. Karnad 's early childhood was spent in Sirsi in a Maratha-Kannada cultural milieu. Recalling early years, he talks about his frugal upbringing. The only past time his brothers and sisters must have had was listening to the stories by the night lamp. At seven or eight in the evening it felt like midnight. So we read or told stories, fairy tales and mythology. Mothers recounted stories. Father exaggerated the machismo. The jungle stretched far into the horizon. Ghosts, spirits, animals from the tales took on a realism that was larger than life. I have never bothered what tale

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