Girl Hunt In The Nightlife

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“Moreover, young urbanites identify downtown clusters of nightclubs as direct sexual marketplaces, or markets for singles seeking casual encounters with potential sex partners (Laumann et al. 2004).” Based upon the college male population, they rather do their “girl hunt” during the nightlife because they find more singles out at night. Statistics shows that both single male and female attends at least one nightlife entertainment venue such as restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges, etc. “In this article I examine girl hunting—a practice whereby adolescent heterosexual men aggressively seek female sexual partners in nightclubs, bars, and other public arenas of commercialized entertainment.” David Grazian’s article entitled The Girl Hunt: Urban Nightlife and the…show more content…
Both male and females form impressions of other whether it be physical, verbal or nonverbal. They want you to think of them as the person you would associate with in the future. The props the guys use could be their clothes, music, or the alcohol they are drinking. It is normally based upon the social group of others, age, sex, race and sometimes ethnicity. The nightlife of the girl hunt test the masculinity of the heterosexual males. The males use “pick up” to evaluate how far they can go with a female. Based on the individual physically they put their masculinity they acquired from their culture to the test. This is so because in out individualistic, competitive society, appearance can sometimes provide a critical important edge. Whether the actions they carry out is verbal or nonverbal. In most cases it is uncommon to actually pick up females in the nightlife, but common to hook up in public venues. Masculinity established by impression management, the process by which people attempt to present a favorable public image of themselves. Males must impress both female and male, to promote their

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