Girl In Translation Literary Analysis

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As an American basically we are entitled to an academic education. This aspect of being an American is frequently taken for granted. There are some countries where an education is viewed as a luxury. Growing up in this world one needs more than an academic education. One also needs the opportunity to be taught how to deal with life as a whole. In the novel Girl In Translation, the main character Kimberly’s knowledge is tested. Knowledge comes from experience is a very present theme in this novel. When Kimberly and Ma came to America they had to face many obstacles as they realized they had to adapt to the culture. All of their experiences were not the most pleasant, although on the brighter side a lesson was learned majority of the time. For example in the beginning of the novel Ma and Kimberly believe that they are ordering some ice cream from a local market, when really they ordered yogurt. This was…show more content…
Aunt Paula aided them on there journey to America. She provided them with a condemned apartment. The apartment is roach infested and the only source of heat they have is an oven. In return for Aunt Paula’s actions they must repay her, by working in her sweatshop under compromising conditions. At the beginning of the novel Kimberly and Ma are mainly stuck in their situation. As the novel progresses Kimberly realizes that her knowledge and the people she has met slony the way may be the key to her and Ma prospering. One day Annette, Kimberly’s best friend visits their apartment. Annette cannot fathom the conditions that Kimberly and Ma are living in, she is eager to help. Annette’s mom finds Kim and Ma an apartment complex that's inexpensive where there aren't any roaches and they would have access to central heat. Coquesidently Aunt Paula decides to kick them out a few days later because she jealous of the fact that Kimberly got accepted to Yale with a full

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