Girl In Yellow Boots Film Analysis

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PROJECT On “Critical Analysis of the movie ‘The Girl in Yellow Boots’” Submitted in partial fulfillment of requirement for the degree of “BACHELOR OF JOURNALISM AND MASS COMMUNICATION” ABHISHEK VERMA A7579815046 UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF Mrs. Sheena Chandra (Asst. Professor) Department Of Amity School Of Communication Amity University, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow ACKNOWLEDGEMENT As a part of our course curriculum, I had to make a project report on Critical analysis of the Movie that Girl in yellow Boots to get the right exposure to the practical aspects of Journalism & Mass Communication. I extend my heartiest thanks to everybody who helped me through the successful completion of my project, which has been a great source of learning and experience for me. I am also indebted to my teachers, my guide Mrs. Sheena Chandra, my family and friends for their valuable support guidance in carrying out this study. Student’s Signature Name : Abhishek Verma Date: 27/06/2016 CERTIFICATE BY PROJECT GUIDE Certified that the project Critical Analysis of the Movie That Girl in Yellow Boots is prepared by Abhishek Verma, student of BA(Journalism and Mass Communication) 3rdSemester, AMITY SCHOOL OF COMMUNICATION, in partial fulfillment of…show more content…
She lives during a shabby very little lodging and supports herself by operating during a massage parlor, wherever she will be able to charge one,000 rupees additional by providing a "handshake," if you follow ME. Her free time is spent within the seek for her father, World Health Organization abandoned his family once she was too young to recollect him. there 's a curved man named Prashant (Prashant Prakash) World Health Organization considers himself her man, though she refuses him intercourse and sees him off with handshakes. A cokehead, Prashant provides a current of humor once he lugs an enormous bottle of water into her flat and handcuffs himself to the radiator to force himself to induce clean

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