Girl Interrupted Character Analysis

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“It’s easy to slip into a parallel universe” stated Susanna Kaysen in her memoir Girl, Interrupted when describing the nature in which one falls into the alternative world of mental illness. Unlike a physical illnesses which generally are more recognizable, mental illnesses must be diagnosed based on abstract assessment measures which are inevitably subjective to the discretion of the mental health professional. After being forcefully detained for almost two years, Kayson compiled a memoir based on her experience in a psychiatric facility upon being diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Although Kaysen never fully accepted her diagnosis, multiple actions and behaviors she exhibited throughout her memoir were indicative of the presence of borderline personality disorder. According to the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Illnesses, the most prominent characteristic of borderline personality disorder is a confused sense of identity. This symptom was clearly displayed by Kayson upon describing the intentions of her suicide attempt. She indicated a dual existence of two identities, only one of which she actually wanted to kill. Kenyesa stated she did not want to kill necessarily herself, but rather “the part that wanted to kill herself, that dragged me into the suicide debate”. In addition to the presence of two conflicting personalities,…show more content…
For example, was shown on several occasions. In her diagnosis, Kaysen stated herself that she often felt disconnected from life and relationships. Evidence for these symptoms are found in some of the various progress notes found throughout the book. For example August 26, 67 Kaysen reportedly “suffered from an episode of depersonalization” where she reportedly “felt that she wasn’t a real person, nothing but
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