Girl Meets Yearbook Analysis

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The use of comedy in Girl Meets Yearbook greatly explores the social issues teens deal with everyday. When the scene of Girl Meets Yearbook starts, Riley and Farkle hands out yearbooks. Riley states, “Yearbooks: find out who we are and what we think about each other.” Maya turns to Lucas and asks him, ¨Wanna know what I think about you?¨ Lucas begins to shake his head and says, ¨No I do not.¨ Because Lucas is from Texas, Maya makes country noises, such as HURRRRRRRR, to make fun of Lucas´s culture. The background audience begins to laugh, which shows how hilarious Maya´s impersonation is. Although it is hilarious to the audience and Maya, Lucas feels hurt and ashamed because Maya insults him. Furthermore, the writers of Girl Meets Yearbook
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