Girl On The Train Analysis

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The Girl on the Train is a psychological thriller novel, written by the British author and journalist Paula Hawkins. Hawkins is currently living in the south of London, which is also where the actual book takes place in the 21st century. The book itself, however, does not begin with the main plot. It begins with what one may think is an epigraph, but it is actually an excerpt from the book’s ending. The excerpt is rather a warning for what is about to come.

The book is mainly founded on two main characters: Rachel and Megan. Rachel has been a divorcee since two years back and is currently living in a tiny room in a friend’s apartment, meanwhile, her ex-husband, Tom, is living a new life with his wife Anna and their daughter.
Back in the days, when Tom and Rachel still were together, they desperately wanted a child but they could not receive one. That is the factor to why their marriage went down the drain, according to Rachel. She began binge drinking and Tom to have an affair with Anna.
As a result of not having closure to Tom, and still loving him deeply, Rachel drinks frequently and she often gets blackouts while she does it. Under the influence of alcohol, Rachel even harasses Tom and Anna by calling them on their phones and visiting their house late at night.

As the fragile individual that she is, Rachel repeatedly tries to obtain sobriety, but she always relapses into her addiction. In addition, Rachel’s ex-husband was a manipulative abuser. In their marriage, Tom
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