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Intro: Wow Girl Online: On Tour is a great book! This book was amazing book for teens and young adults. Hook: It’s perfect balance of comedy, romance, and suspense really drew me in. Thesis: Overall this was a great book, and it was the perfect sequel to the first book (Girl Online) Summary: Girl Online: On Tour is the second book of the Girl Online trilogy. This book is about Penny going on her boyfriend (from the previous book) , Noah’s, summer music tour. Penny must learn to take responsibility, have understanding, and always expect the unexpected. She expected to spend all the time with Noah, and do whatever she wanted to do with him by her side, but in reality, the tour life is not as perfect and easy as it seems. Can Penny and…show more content…
Noah, is a “rock-god-tastic” boyfriend to Penny. In the previous book, Megan is the antagonist who tries to ruin Penny’s life. (etc.) Critical Analysis Pro or con: The imagery in the story is very graphic, but in a good way. Opinion: I like the imagery in the story because it gives you a great sense of what is going on in the story, and also gives you a picture in your head while reading the story. Evidence: “I lean into his chest and feel his heart beating; I can’t help but think this is way better than Skype. I stare up at his chiseled jaw, messy hair, and deep brown eyes. (Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg- pg. 35) Critical Analysis Pro or con: The suspense keeps me reading Opinion: It’s not the kind of suspense that is scary, but it’s the kind to where you want to keep reading to find out what happens next and if everything works out or not. Evidence: “... the thought of talking to Noah again fills me with the biggest nerves of all.” Critical Analysis Pro or con: The story teaches a lesson Opinion: I like that it teaches a lesson about being an advocate for yourself Evidence: SPOILERS!!! Read the story to find out the explanation of the moral of the story Critical
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