Girl Trapped Case Study

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Callie is a 15 year old girl who ran track while in school. She experienced a tragic situation that drove herself to slit her wrist. Her mother sent her away to a rehab called Sea Pines hoping that she would get better. At rehab she has a therapist and 2 group sessions a day. It is filled with those who deal with food issues, anorexia, drugs, and behavioral issues. Callie has not talked since her tragic incident and she avoids talking to the others in group including her teachers. On her first visit he brother Sam and mother came but her father didn’t. Her mother told her that the insurance would not cover self-inflicted injuries and that she might not be there much longer. That night she used a pie slicer from lunch to cut herself this time losing more blood than usual. She ended up getting wrote up for it without penalties.…show more content…
Her mother called that afternoon and told her that Sea Pines says she is refusing treatment and they will remove her. This gave Callie a bit more confidence than usual to quit what she was doing and speak up. In therapy she spoke out on how she thought it was her fault her brother suffered from asthma and that her mother made her feel that way. She still felt as though she needed more answers to her own situation. She left and ran away from the rehab center calling her dad from a payphone and he eventually met up with her at a donut shop. She hadn’t seen her dad since she started rehab so when she finally seen him she was relieved. He eventually told her that it was his fault for not being there and she realize he is the reason why she began to abuse
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