Girl With The Brown Crayon Essay

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In the book, The Girl with the Brown Crayon by teacher Vivian Gussin Paley is based on her curriculum for her classroom activity that was an influence by the author Leo Lionni’s books. Her book shows us the discoveries with her students and about her own personal innovation toward her student and herself. Through this unit she based her activity on several of Leo Lionni’s book the class explores the themes of diversity and identity between themselves and others. This book approached issues with child-sensitive behavior issues and with the aspect of dual language learning also.
When reading about the author different description on each child and what she ultimately discovers for herself their different traits and characteristic the importance
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I would be obliged to criticize in my own opinion was the teacher handling of the situation of Oliver. Especially the part of his hysterical outbursts I would have handled it in a different way. She gave the impression that she was embarrassed by when Reeny’s Mother was in the classroom and she was lost of word to explain the situation. However Reeny, a gregarious student was able to explain Oliver’s behavior to her mother in perfect sense instead of the teacher and she help appeased him on numerous other incidents as well. Another thing I must criticize was teacher’s late analysis of Walter’s behavior giving his Polish background. I would think she would be already having had a personal feel to his hesitation toward adult by studying his behavior with his peers. However, the teacher and the student activity based on Leo Lionni’s books brought them all in my opinion closer together. In the closing stages of the book the teacher was able to also learn and discusses what her student taught her and how the study of Leo Lionni’s books influenced her as a teacher and shaped her students throughout this incredible learning
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