Essay On Female Sexuality

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Ideals of ‘perfection’ regarding the female body and its representations have been a mainstay of modern western societies as early as the nineteenth century. (Brumberg, 1997) In the past, girls and young women were preoccupied with good looks and the ‘promise’ of their sexuality because it often meant the difference between being married and thus a social success, or a life of spinsterhood. In this historical context, female sexuality was linked to economic survival. Girls and young women are no longer constrained by the ‘marry-or-perish’ imperative of the nineteenth and early twentieth century but how you look and more importantly, how you depict yourself continue to be defining factor of social success. The shifting meanings of girlhood and female sexuality are historically and context specific (Jiwani, Steenbergen, and Mitchell, 2006) although female sexuality has always been constructed as either innocent and pure and in need of protection or something dangerous, unpredictable, and therefore to be feared. In this whore/Madonna paradox, the social and cultural anxieties attributed to female sexuality are often played out on the bodies of girls and young women. The sexualization of girls and young women is not, however, a twenty-first century phenomenon. Moral…show more content…
In the complex world that intersects the beauty, entertainment, and fashion industries, the thin, white, tall, and big busted body has became a veritable ‘cash cow.’ Female sexuality has become a commodity in itself, a cultural reality with a long history (Gentile, 2006; Graydon, 2004). 4.2. Sex and Biology It is a popular notion that men and women are highly different in nature and characteristically ? Science research suggest that men and women are more similar than
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