Girls At Wellesley Get Stuff Done Analysis

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As I sipped on hot tea, my interviewer’s words echoed in my head, “Girls at Wellesley get stuff done.” Who knew such a simple sentence could inspire me so much. I’ve always aimed for the farthest stars or to discover valuable treasures in the deepest trenches. The word “impossible” doesn’t falter me. That’s why reason #51, Hugely Ambitious Projects, intrigues me. As Rutendo Gambe said in the video, “The future is within us,” and I want to improve the world for the better. Wellesley encourages its students to follow their passions. Consequently, I’d be able to implement large-scale projects to help others, such as building garden plots in refugee camps that lack food resources or holding free sports classes in low-income neighborhoods to encourage…show more content…
It incorporates two of my favorite things: socializing and sustainability. The environmentally-friendly aspect of The Scoop is the main reason behind why it interests me. Wellesley not only cares for its students, it cares for the greater world, including the environment. As a result, I believe Wellesley would be a good fit, for my values align with the values of the institution. I’ve always been deeply interested in the environment. My grandmother instilled a love for the Earth within me when she taught me how to garden. This passion grew as I matured, causing me to delve into reading and learning about the environment to understand how to help it. The Scoop would allow me to even further integrate my love for the environment into my daily life. Furthermore, I’m an extroverted person, so it’s very important for me to have an active social life. Wellesley teaches everyone the importance of strong connections between students for personal growth and unity; thus, The Scoop would allow me to create meaningful connections with students who share my passion for the environment. I’d be able to incorporate myself in the community and develop my
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