Girls Just Wanna Have Fangs Analysis

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In the article “Girls Just Wanna Have Fangs,” published in The American Prospect in November 2009, Sady Doyle argues that it is not fair to criticize Twilight book because of its fan base, who are almost teenage girls. She emphasizes that the criticism focus more on the feminists than on the contents of the movie. Fan girls of Twilight are called "Twi-Hards" and usually described by squealing, shrieking and making loudly, but it is not necessary to see them ridiculously. Compared with other books, Die Hard or Tom Clancy novel has many people do not like it, but none of these books is mocked. There is a backlash of the Harry Potter since this book seems as an example of cultural "dumbing-down." However, Harry Poster is not criticized because
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