Girls Lost Their Accents And In The Time Of The Butterflies By Julia Alvarez

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American born but raised in the Dominican. Julia Alvarez a Dominican-American writer has written many outstanding paper, poems, and books but she is most known for How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents and In the Time of the Butterflies. The main theme throughout Alvarez's pieces is being caught between two cultures. Julia Alvarez had to make many transition when she was younger which tested her culture. But it led her to the most incredible parts of her carrier. All of it has helped her land with the amazing life she has made for herself and her family today. Julia Alvarez was born on March 27, 1950 in New York City but her parents were from the Dominican Republic so they moved back when she was just three months old with her and her other…show more content…
“ I am more who I am when I write it down on paper” said Julia Alvarez. Julia attended Connecticut College and received a poetry prize. But then she transferred to Middlebury College and received a bachelor degree in art. Then went on to Syracuse University and got her masters in fine arts. During the 1980’s she started publishing her work but she still had to go out and find jobs. Around 2000 and article called her the migrant worker because she was traveling the world. She took jobs wherever she could for the next 13 years teaching grade school kids all the way up to university students. While all of this was going on her life she was still writing and getting noticed by big time people. In 1990 Julia’s first novel How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents was published. This story was written by Alvarez to somewhat mimic her life story but in different way. But this book had many books to follow it kind of like a series for Alvarez the next book to come was In the Time of Butterflies and then In the Name of Salome. With this series she won many awards. Some of them being the American Library Association’s Notable Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Awards. Julia’s book In the Time of Butterflies was made into a movie. Whether the books were fact or fiction Julia Alvarez expressed her life experiences of having to be constantly on the go and her struggles and a young Dominican
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