Girls Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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There has always been a division between girls and boys when it came to sports. Some sports don’t offer a girls team such as football because it’s “rough” or violent. Girls shouldn't be excluded from boys sports because of their gender. There are sometimes some considerations if there isn’t a girls team for that sport but sports such as boy’s lacrosse should allow girls to play. Girls looks and feminism shouldn’t be the reason why girls aren’t allowed on a boy’s sports team. Girls should be allowed to play on boy’s sports teams because girls could be as strong as boys, girls should be treated as fair as the boys, and girls are capable of playing rough sports. Many underestimate girls strength which then results into a division in sports with boys and girls. Girls could be just as strong as boys. Sports such as football where you tackle is considered a “boys” sport because of how strong the player needs to be able to tackle someone. Increased muscle mass doesn’t happen until puberty, whereas the girl increase muscle mass when they are around 11 to 12 years old (Conley). Girls and boys have the same muscle structure so they can be just as strong when a boy goes into puberty. Women athletes such as Ronda Rousey is a UFC champion and she’s probably stronger than a lot of UFC men fighters out there because she works out just as much as men do.…show more content…
Field hockey for example, in some cases, boys are allowed to play on a field hockey team which is a girls sport and has no boy’s team. Field hockey is relatively a girls sport but boys are allowed to play. Why is it fair that boys are allowed to play but girls can’t play football? Girls should have rights or rules if they allow them to play on a boys sports team if the administration is that concerned. Girls and boys should be treated equally because both genders share the same
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