Girls With Slingshots: A Character Analysis

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Female characters propagate sex-positivity through their sexualization, and utilize it as a tool of shaping solidarity by eradicating the double standard concerned with male and female bodies (Pratl, 2009). Axel Alonso’s (2014) previous comments on the impossibility of “not sexualizing comic characters” are affirmed, as he mentions that not only physical ability and appearance take part in defining a character, but sex appeal as well. The argument that sexualizing female comic characters only leads to sexual objectification can only be countered by the cast of dynamic female characters the world of comics has to offer. Catwoman is an astute example of a multifaceted, well-rounded character that utilizes her sexuality to empower her and overthrow…show more content…
In light of the use of the sequential medium, artists Erika Moen and Matt Nolan have created “Oh Joy Sex Toy” a web-comic formatted to discuss sex education and sex-positive topics (Zalokar, 2014). With a similar yet individual tone, “Girls With Slingshots” is a slice-of-life daily comic strip revolving around a group of friends, their differing sexual orientations and preferences, as well as their interpersonal relationships are explored. A variety of characters compose Girls With Slingshots; Erin, for example, is an asexual female in a romantic monogamous relationship with another character, Jamie. This type of diversity will benefit sexual minorities, in terms of representation and portrayal. To Danielle Corsetto, the author, Girls With Slingshots is her way of “talking about things [we’re] not supposed to talk about”. To her, it is untapped content she is responsible of humorously scrutinizing. In an interview with Corsetto, she explains her view on communicating about sex. She expounds on the relationship of the words “adult” and “sex,” and how even as woman, she feels discouraged from openly conferring about it (Registre,
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