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Gisselle Bahena is a 17year old girl from Yuma, Arizona. She has been through a lot her 17 years of life filled with memorable incidents and experiences. She has many different personalities and interest. And she has many different goals in her life past high school.
Being alive for almost 18 years has given Gisselle many reasons to call her herself. She was born and raised in the sunniest place on earth, Yuma, Arizona. She has two older siblings, a brother and a sister. Along with three dogs and a turtle. She grew up a San Diego Chargers fan, but only started watching football when she was in the seventh grade. Not only has she grown into the girl she is today, she has had memorable incidents and experiences.
Becoming your own person also gives you cherish-able memories or tragic incidents. Gisselle was only four years old when she tried her first jalapeno, her mother laughed as she ran for water. She has been in choir
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She wants to first graduate from Gila
Ridge High School, because the four years of her high school inspired her to continue further. Moving to San Diego is a huge step for her, since she has not lived anywhere else, it is also a great change in scenery. She would then like to go to college up there in San Diego, but she is unsure what she wants to do. But living in San Diego gives her many more options into becoming someone she wants to be. When college is finally over and she has a career she wants, she wants to get married and own a Siberian Tiger. There are many more goals she tends to have, but for now, she’s living the moment.
Gisselle Bahena is a strong independent girl that soon hopes to graduate high school, and become a woman she’s dreamed of being. She’s smart, funny, not normal, and love the San Diego Chargers. Her 17 years of life is just the beginning for her. And she wouldn’t be the girl she is today without memories, incidents, interest, personalities, and her future
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