Gitanjali And Tagore Essay

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"Monroe thought Americans felt "it was a great day for the world". Very proudly he wrote, "Poetry felt very proud indeed of having been the first American magazine to present you to its readers." It became a fashion everywhere to carry a copy of Gitanjali among the elite throughout the world. Many of his distant alien disciples started quoting his own lines in their letters. "Give me the strength to raise my mind high above daily trifles." They have recorded how they recited him at night. Helen Meyer Franck, who translated Tagore 's poems into German and brought out a collected edition of his works in 1921 records how she re¬cited poems from Gitanjali at night as a prayer psam. Similarly Madame Jimenez translated Rabindranath 's works into Spanish in collaboration with her illustrious husband Juan Ramon Jime¬nez who also won the Nobel Prize in 1956. She used to write letters to the Poet regularly from Madrid. Pearson considered Tagore a manifestation of Christ. C.F. Andrews in every letter addressed the Poet as "the dearest and best friend in the world". In a personal letter he records, "for the moment your name is called or an audience can be found who will listen to your name, my own personality is raised a hundred fold." From Paris came Sylvain Levi and from Rome Prof. Tucci. Levi writes, "what a sweet time we had listening to your songs, to your music, there is no power of evocation more efficient in the world than music, pictures and words reach eyes and mind and
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