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Gitchie Girl, is about the protagonist, Sandra Cheskey, who goes out with some of her friends on a camp out in Gitchie Manitou park and three men had murdered everyone, but Sandra, do to having marijuana. Sandra Cheskey is the central protagonist. The other protagonists are Roger Essem, Stewart Baade, Mike Hadrath, Dana Baade. The central combatant is Allen E. Fryer. The other combatants are “The Boss” David L. Fryer “Hatchet Face” and James R. Fryer “J.R.”.
At age 13, Sandra Cheskey had watched her friends die and has lived seeing that for the rest of her life. She was taken, raped, and let go. Often confused for an older teenager, Sandra had silky brown hair that matched her chestnut colored eyes. There were four children in her family.
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Shot multiple times in the head, face, upper chest, and arms. Him and Sandra were best friends, hanging out every day. Their relationship started, then Roger had gotten murdered, then it was over. One of Roger’s other friends was Mike. They would hang out with almost every day before the murder.
Mike Hadrath was 15 before the incident, was the last one to get shot. Like Roger, Mike also had been shot multiple times in the upper left chest, left upper arm, left side of the face, left hand, and in the wrist. Also shot in the back, buttocks, and legs. Mike and Sandra were friends, but not as great of friends as Roger and Sandra. Mike and Stew would hang out often, but they would be with Sandra and Roger.
Stewart Baade was 18 before the murder happened. Stew loved playing the guitar. He was playing his guitar the night the murder had happened. Stew had large numbers of wounds to the left chest and right arm. Stew and Mike were friends, but not that great of friends. Stew’s brother was also murdered that day.
Dana Baade was 14 when he died. He had an excellent relationship with his brother. He did not have lots of injuries. He had trauma to the right chest, heart, and back. He was murdered by James R. Fryer.
At age 21, James Fryer was one of the murders. His code name was “J.R”. He shot all of

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