Italian Unification Dbq Analysis

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Italian Unification DBQ Unification of Italy was a long and convoluted process compared to other nations of Europe. After many of the nations of Europe have banded together to form nation states there were only a couple of countries that have not unified. When the people of Italy decided that it was time to unify their country, there were many different ideas of what a unified Italy would look like. Among the ideas of Italian unification there were three major figures that each had their own ideas on the unification of Italy. The first person that had his own idea on the unification of Italy was attorney Giuseppe Mazzini. Another man that had views on Italian unification was priest Vincenzo Gioberti. Lastly, the final man was the very own…show more content…
Vincenzo Gioberti believed that the Italian states should remain the same and not unify to become one nation. This is because having all the princes remain separate keeps that state strong but also allows them to maintain some freedom. With this freedom maintained he believed that disruptive civil like wars wouldn’t happen, and that it would make foreign invasion even harder. Daniele Manin also believed that Italy shouldn’t unit but for a completely different reason. His thought was that the people of Italy have been separated so long that they have developed different customs, cultures, and traditions. With these new things developed he thought that you can’t simply unite those people because they have no common background and therefore won’t want to unite and become one with people they don’t see themselves the same as. Like stated, the views against Italian unification were mainly coming from two people, Vincenzo Gioberti and Daniele Manin. They both believed that Italy shouldn’t unify but there reasons were that if Italy unifies it is taking the princes freedom away and therefore making it easier for foreign invasions and civil wars to occur. Then Menin thought that Italy shouldn’t unify because you can’t force [epp;e with different cultures, customs, and traditions to come…show more content…
The first views on which they thought the Italian states should unify was by Giuseppe Manzini and Victor Emmanuel ii. Manzini thought that Italy could only be strong if it unified as a single nation and as a republic. Emmanuel ii also believed that Italy should unify and be a republic because it would increase their strength as a nation. Then there was the views from Vincenzo Gioberti and Daniele Manin. Gioberti believed that Italy shouldn’t unify because it would take freedom and independence away from the kings, this would cause more foreign invasions and civil wars. Then there was Manin who believed that you couldn’t unify Italy because you can’t force people with different cultures, customs, and traditions to come together. He believed that it simply wouldn’t work because people don’t want to unify with people they aren’t similar
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