Give Examples How One's Cultural Values, Beliefs And Practices May Affect Their Health

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1) Define culture:
Culture is characterized as the beliefs, values, customs, and behavior patterns that influences a certain populations’ worldview and decision making.
2) What are some characteristics of culture and the importance of them:
Cultural beliefs provided identity and a sense of belonging for a cultures members as long as they do not conflict with the dominant culture and continue to satisfy its members (Treas-Wilkinson, 2014). Culture is both learned and taught. Learning comes from the life experiences that are shared between its members. It is also taught by passing down a set of beliefs, traditions and values from one generation to the next. However, culture is also dynamic and adaptive. Cultural beliefs, traditions, and practices can change over time, and each generation has the ability to adapt to the changes.
3) Give examples how one’s cultural values, beliefs and practices may affect their health? In the dominant culture of the United States we are taught that being clean and washing our hands often prevents the spread germs and keeps one free of infection. This set of values, beliefs and practices affect our health in a positive way and keep us healthy. Other cultures, for example Afghan cultures are not really aware of the germ theory and instead believe that illness is brought on by the “evil eye”, or a demon.
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Environmental control refers to a person's perception of his/her ability to control nature or direct environmental factors. In some cultures, for example certain Afghan cultures believe in fatalism. Fatalism is belief that a person cannot change things, and all events are inevitable. Therefore, if a patient has an aliment, having this belief may deter them from seeking medical intervention. They may not be willing to take the necessary medications etc. that could potentially help them, which could result in a negative

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