Give Me Liberty Film Analysis

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My film starts from the very beginning and ends in modern times, these events are what I believe to be the most influential in leading us to the racial discrimination we continue to face today. The film starts at the arrival of European society in the Chesapeake. The lower and upper class whites came here first for new opportunity. The upper class came here to expand their land and to gain more wealth. The lower class came here mostly to be indentured servants (hard labor workers who would serve two to seven years and then be freed with benefits) for the wealthy landowners. The ship in the scene arrived in the Chesapeake where the people inside established a town with an economy based on tobacco farming, which needed cheap labor to thrive. Due to the need of cheap labor, Africans were starting to be forcibly put on ships and shipped over to the Chesapeake to be indentured servants. Blacks and whites, in the beginning, were working as equals in the eyes of the society of that time. A black man could expect his freedom just as a white man could after serving his indentured periods. Like the famous Anthony Johnson, a black man, who served his indentured period and was given freedom, land, and a house for…show more content…
It was full of the historical information I needed to gain an understanding of early times and the early settling of Europeans. Another source was, “The Hidden Origins of Slavery”-Ronald Takaki. This source provided me with the knowledge I needed to create the scenes about hierarchical differences of the time, from the difference in white social classes to blacks. Lastly, the source I most frequently used was, “Africans Arrive In The Chesapeake”-unknown. This source provided me with the historical events for every other scene besides the last one. It was full to the brim of events that I used from Bacon’s Rebellion to the initial shift into racial
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