Give Me Liberty Or Tell Me Death Speech

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Patrick Henry spent most of his childhood educating himself in his free time. Henry failed in businesses which soon led to his marriage with Sarah Shelton in 1754. His house later burned down and He attempted to start another business which failed again. This is where his career in law started. Patrick Henry was the first and the sixth governor of Virginia. Henry led the antagonism to the Stamp Act in 1765 and he is mostly remembered by his speech,”Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”. He was know as one of the most influential bodies in Republicanism. While he was creeping up on his twenty fourth birthday, he finally qualified as a lawyer in 1760. After that, Henry was not prepared for what it took to be a lawyer. Not to mention Patrick’s political…show more content…
In this speech he said, if we, the colonists, don’t have freedom and aren’t getting treated fairly, we would rather die. In 1765 Henry was elected from Louisa County for the House of Burgesses, the legislative body of the Virginia colony, to fill a reserved seat in the assembly. When he arrived in Williamsburg, the legislature was already in session. Nine days after being in, Henry introduced the Virginia Stamp Act Resolutions, "in language so extreme that some Virginians said it smacked of treason", Henry’s proposal succeeded, but it took lots of debating and arguing. Responding to pleas from Massachusetts that the colonies made committees of correspondence to coordinate their actions involved with the British, Henry took the lead in Virginia. In March 1773, along with Thomas Jefferson and Richard Henry Lee, Henry led the Virginia House of Burgesses to make resolutions providing for a standing committee of correspondence. Each colony set up such committees, and they led to the start of the First Continental Congress in 1774, after which Henry was

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