Giver Life Quotes

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A wise man once said, “life's not worth living is you can't have fun.”- Sophia Loren Is life worth giving up your choices to live in a perfect world? No life isn't worth living if you can't have choices. You need to be able to choose your path of life, not forced to live a life someone chooses for you. Jesus died for us so that we could have the freedom to choose. Would you throw that all away? “Strength lies in differences not similarities.” This quote shows that the community is not strong because they don't have knowledge. The community is basically perfect, but there is also a lot of sameness. The Giver’s world is extremely sheltered off from the outside life. These people have an extremely boring-basic life, they don't know how to have fun because no one can remember how. They haven't experienced real joy, snow, or sweet loving animals. It is like living your life over and over again without any change. Like a clean slate because they don't remember anything of their community's past life. How would it feel to not know what's going on the world this very moment? I personally feel it is an important job of technology to keep us up on the world's latest activities. The Giver once said,“I see technology as an extension of the human body.” This quote shows that technology is…show more content…
I believe this is smart because it reduces the risk of injury or even death. There typical weather was warm, but not to hot, it was never cold. When jonas was receiving memories he experienced snow and hills for the first time. This tells me that Jonas’s community is flat, and sunny. In The Giver Jonas said, “I finally felt at peace with nature.” This quote shows me that jonas has been sheltered from nature and when he had the ability to choose if he liked his boring home or the unknow. He chose the unknown and he ended up happy, he saw a house with lights and people dancing and singing. This was jonas’s idea of
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