Giver Movie Comparison

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The Giver, Book/Movie Comparison

Although the movie “The Giver” was based off the book, The Giver by Lois Lowry, differences in characters have caused major plot changes. Similarly, both stories are about a boy named Jonas who has been selected to be the next Receiver of Memories, in a community where color and emotions do not exist. However, the differences in character change how the conflict is dealt with later on in the story.

Even though Jonas’ friend Fiona is signaled out for having red in both the book and movie, in the movie she is given a greater role. Within the book Fiona is mention when Jonas is describing how things “change”. The “change” Jonas was seeing was the color red, which he saw in Fiona’s hair. Besides that reference, when Jonas was learning
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It is said that the people in the community don’t have emotions, but in the movie it seems like there are more emotions that shouldn’t be there. The relationship between Jonas, Fiona, and Asher is an example of this. While the three might have been friends in both, in the movie Asher and Fiona break many rules for Jonas. Even though, if they didn’t have emotions then they shouldn’t have felt the need to break those rules for him. Since Jonas’ community is not supposed to have emotions and color, I feel that the book’s plot is a better representation of this. When Jonas starts seeing color in the movie it makes his whole community nicer but then you forget that the other characters can not see those colors too. I feel that the movie added the emotions and color to appeal to more people but that makes it a lot different than the book. I like the movie as a movie but as a representation of the book and the book’s message, the book is better. I just feel that the movie went against what the story was suppose to be like, too much which almost changed the story
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