Giving Facess To The Lost: A Short Story

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It’s a beautiful day in new york. The sun is warmer on your skin, there’s no clouds to be seen for miles, and grass is vibrant green with a few flew placed here and there. Sunny wakes me up with a leash in his mouth and wide smile. “I guess it’s time to wake up and take you on a walk!” I implied.

Sunny is a golden labrador retriever and she absolutely loves the outdoors. On our way to central park, Sunny starts acting weird. She starts tugging really hard on the leash, so I let her guide me. She starts sniffing around and goes to an ally. “Sunny did you fart again?” I teased.
Sunny leads me deeper and deeper into the alley until she stops at a dumpster. “Sunny what is it?”
She jumps up and sniffs at the lid. I open it up and inside there
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The next step was to clean the body up and try to find out more about the victim. I took a few pictures of the skull before I ripped it open. I took all the skin off and began to look at the bone structure of the teeth. I remember reading in the article “Giving Faces to the Lost” about teeth. One thing that it said is that it is important to look to see if there is any missing teeth or fake teeth. The victim had wisdom teeth taken out and a crown on there right maxillary 2nd molar. I pried the crown of the tooth to look at the serial number; 599809. The serial number traced back to MICHAEL J. DDS PC, Manhattan cosmetic dentist. In the article “Dead Men talking” I related that if a person is American they have an overbite and this victim does. I gave Dr.Wei a call and asked him if he has any medical records of a patient that has an overbite, a crown on the right maxillary 2nd molar with a serial number of 599809, and removed wisdom teeth. “Well I found three people; Harper Francis, John Jacobson, and Joseph Matash!” Dr.Wei replied.

Only Harper Francis and John Jacobson were on the missing people records. The next thing that I needed to find was the gender. I did some more research and in the article “Identifying the Victim” it said that men had more robust skulls and women have more of a gracile type of skull. I looked at the skull and it look more like the description of a women. It had a round forehead and smooth bones above the eye socket. Looks like I just found out who our victim
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