Giving Second Chances In Cynthia Rylant's Short Story 'Stray'

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Giving second chances, that's what Cynthia Rylant the author of the short story “Stray” wanted to teach us. Just because something or maybe someone isn’t cared for or loved doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be. In the story, Doris clearly gave a puppy a chance by taking the stray, abandoned on the street puppy into her home and nurturing it. In the end her dad did too by having a heart and not leaving the puppy at the pound. I think the theme of the story is to give second chances.
The most important reason, why the theme is giving second chances is because Doris took the puppy in and treated the puppy as her own rather than leaving the poor little puppy on the street when there was a snowstorm to die of starvation. She fed the puppy and
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