Givonné's War: A Short Story

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Once there was a scientist named Givonné, who lived in an old laboratory in France. He was very lonely and wanted a companion in life. Givonné had a large collection of clay, so he had something to occupy himself with during his sad, lonely, (not to mention non-romantic) hours of spare time. One day after work, Givonné decided he would pull out his clay and sculpt a little boy. Since Givonné was so lonesome, making people out of clay was his way of having the friends and family he never had. To his surprise, the little boy that he had skillfully made, was no longer on the table. After searching around his house for the clay boy, he gave up and thought to himself, not even fake people like me. He then became hungry and went to the refrigerator, and to his amazement there it was a little clay boy with blonde hair sipping at a vile chemical. “It’s alive,” said Givonné joyfully. Worried his new little friend would get sick, he took the test tube away from him and fetched him some real food. “I’m a real boy now,” blurted out the child. “I will call you Bradles and you…show more content…
All the soldiers from his troop had fallen to the ground, some hurt, others dead. Finally, Bradles was stabbed with by an enemy's bayonet but did not feel pain. Bradles was knocked out and woke up in a hospital bed and was comforted by a friendly face. Once out of the hospital, Bradles returned to war. His general was astonished he was still alive so he resigned, and gave up his commission. “I’ve never met a braver soldier than you General Bradles! Serve this country well!” his old general said. “I will.” said Bradles. The next day, Bradles went into battle. He charged forward and was peppered with bullets from the enemy. Bradles was staggered back, but just pulled the bullets out and felt no pain. He rushed forward and pushed back the enemy forces. This was a victory beyond imagine. Bradles had saved the city and soon the
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