Gizmo Loyd Diary Entry

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September 14, 1905: A diary entry from Gizmo Loyd Greed is good. The animal that survives in the wild does not share. He does not focus on morals or the care of others. He focuses on the goal. And the goal is POWER. POWER is why the lion dominates the jungle. When I go hunting in my free time I kill lions. I kill them, their family and whatever is below them, because I am their master. They are my sport. How invigorating is that? Would it be the same if everybody else was a master? No. That is not how nature works. The farther up the food chain you go the less populated it is. And I’m okay with that. When I’m at my work I snarl at those who even get to see me. Not because they were doing anything wrong but because they are below me. I am their conqueror, their God.…show more content…
When I go home I sit in the dark. Not to forget my life or why I’m here, but to meditate and think on how I can improve upon what I’ve built. Because a good predator is never comfortable, never satisfied. He always wants more.
As I leisurely walked along the street today, as I often tend to do, to look at the people, I noticed a bird. I don’t know much about birds so I can’t describe what species it was but it was once a very pretty bird. The bird was lying still and mangled next to a drainage pipe. It must have fallen from a building or had a rock thrown at it or whatever.
I approached the fallen creature and gazed into it’s eyes. It looked back. This I was confident of. It did not whimper. It did not croak. It just looked at me. As I looked upon this fallen animal I did not sympathize. I could not relate to to something so weak and so
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