Glacier National Park: A Short Story

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Today I am gonna drive to Glacier national park with my family to go camping. I am really excited because I 've heard many great stories and read so many books about this beautiful park. As we approach the park, I can see the sunset across the beautiful snowy mountains and I can feel the cool breeze of the fresh Montana air. When I get out of my car I see that everyone in my family comes out moaning and groaning because of the long car ride. But I 'm the only one who jumped out of my seat, got my things, and ran to the St Mary visitor 's entrance full of excitement, wonder, and awe of the amazing adventure that awaits me. As my family catches up to me, we go inside and get our map of the park. After that we needed to find a perfect spot to…show more content…
We took a family vote and chose to go skiing on Apgar Lookout. So, we got our jackets, skis, and snowpants and headed out to the car for the ride there. When we arrived i saw that there were two entrances to the mountain. There was a entrance for beginners (my little sister and mom), and for advanced skiers (my older sister, me and my dad). We split up according to our levels and planned to meet at the entrance in 3 hours. As we went up the ski lift, i could feel the beauty of the fresh white powder on the mountain. Right away i could tell that this was going to be very difficult because of all of the trees and slopes on the course. At the top of the mountain, i looked down and took a deep breath. I said to myself “ no regrets”. I jumped and before i knew it, i was heading down the mountain. During the ride i could feel the fresh mountain breeze go past me, i could taste the beautiful snow in my mouth, and i felt unstoppable. Once me and my family met back qtogether, we got in the car and headed back to st. marys. When we got there we were al starving, so we went to the lake mcdonald lodge for dinner. After dinner we decided to go on a family walk to see some animals. On our walk i was amazed on how beautiful the park was, although i was only seeing alittle bit of it. I realized that the rest of the park could be 100 times more beautiful. Once we finished our walk, we headed back to the tent to
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