Character Analysis Of Odysseus In Homer's 'Gladiator'

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Madison Seib
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30 November 2015
Paper Prompt for "Gladiator" #2
In the main character in the "Odyssey" is named Odysseus. Who is the king of Ithaca and a vary noble warrior. He has gone off to fight in the Trojan war, when the story begins, he has been gone from his home land for 20 years. His son is now well grown and a group of suitors has inhabited his palace wanting to marry his wife, Penelope. Odysseus displays many of the Homeric virtues and vices while trying to get home and while he is there.
When you first meet Odysseus he is on the island of Ogygia, the goddess Calypso is keeping him hostage on the island, by giving him the pleasurable life. Odysseus still longs for home even though Calypso has given
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During his killing spree of the suitors he spares a mans life, because he was simply there to entertain the suitors as a singer and poet.He also shows determination by not giving up on is 10 year journey home, through treacherous waters and cyclops. Another virtue that he demonstrates frequently is dikē, which means that everything and everyone gets its appropriate due. While Odysseus was in his disguise he tested his people to see if they had stayed loyal to him and if they hadn't then they would get what they deserve.
In the movie "Gladiator", Maximus shows many of the same virtues as Odysseus. He first shows his courage when he is in battle and also when he goes first into the arena to save the lives of many of the fellow gladiators. He shows his self control in only killing who and when he needs to. Also, since he has not been involved in the politics of the time he as his own mind and it is not prejudiced from the politicians which shows wisdom. Maximus also is loyal to his king, by knowing that his son murdered him and seeks
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Odysseus shows his arête as personal duties with his everlasting love for his family and home town. On the island of Ogygcia he had all the pleasures that he could want, but was still not happy because he missed his home and family. Maximus shows his arête with his personal duties, when all he wants for reward from the king is to go home for a bit. These heroes resemble each other in the way that they both ache for home, they differ that when they get home Odysseus' home is still there and Maximus' home and family has been
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