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The movie Gladiator came out in 2000 and was instantly a classic. People all over were thrilled by it’s action and story. A very similar movie also found itself coming out in 2000, but with a much different reaction. American Psycho has many similarities with the movie Gladiator and has much the same quality, yet received a lower rating.
Some might say Patrick Bateman is the protagonist of this story, but that implies he is a hero. Mr. Bateman is a man of luxury, and works as an investment banker. He is also entirely psychotic. He states in the beginning of the film, “I think my mask of sanity is about to slip” ( When he says “slip,” he means he intends to go on a murderous rampage. Throughout the rest of the movie he kills many people in a variety of grotesque and violent ways. All this is simply because he has the desire to, which is no reasonable explanation. His killing ranges from random strangers, to coworkers, and almost to his secretary as well. This movie is not short on action. At the very end, he seems to confess his sins to a his lawyer, but the lawyer laughs it all off, saying just minutes ago he talked to the first man Bateman confesses to murdering. This throws the
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Gladiator was met with a roar of approval and many became fans after one viewing. American psycho however was not the same. There was much confusion, and some never bothered to look past that feeling. Of those who were not confused, many were outright offended by its themes and messages (Taylor, 2014). This is what lead to a significant difference in the ratings and reviews of these two movies. IMBd gives Gladiator an 8.5/10, quite an impressive score. American Psycho on the other hand received a 7.6/10. This reflects some of the public reaction to these movies. While 7.6 should not be considered by any means a bad rating, it does not do the movie the justice it truly

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