Gladiator Research Paper

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Since 264 BC Gladiators have fought until a spectacular death, while most gladiators were criminals, prisoners, or slaves, some became skilled warriors who earned money and freedom, but most died by the emperor 's command of life or death. The gladiators originally performed at Etruscan funerals, with intent to give the dead man armed attendants in the next world. At show they became wildly popular as spectators watched their favorite gladiator prevails, or lies in the dust. While the defeated gladiator lies the other gladiator waits for the emperor 's command, of life or death. If death the defeated gladiator is expected to die honorably and respectfully without flinching or crying out. Afterwards the victor would collect his reward and…show more content…
With most gladiators owned by trainers they had to sign a contract that if they broke a trainers rule they would be killed without flinching. Some trainers had skilled fighters that won them much money, but for their to be a victor there had to be many defeated. If defeated in combat the spectators would usually decide if they were to live or die. If the spectators were in merciful mood they waved their handkerchiefs for life, but if they desired the death of the conquered gladiator they turned their thumbs downward for death. Gladiators who were skilled fighters and were able to win the crowd made a good amount of money, and later earn their freedom from the emperor. He would present a wooden gladius known as a rudius and announce their freedom. Most free gladiators left the Colosseum to start their own school for training gladiators and start the process all over again, but some others went either back into the Colosseum or became personal bodyguards for rich people, trainers or even princes and…show more content…
At the emperor 's command many gladiators died by the other with a wound in the heart or neck, but beforehand the crowd usually cheered life or death for the victor they wanted, but the emperor had the last say. Most of the time the emperor chose what the crowd cheered for, because the emperor would look better if he agreed with the crowd, but the defeated gladiator’s fate was in the emperor 's hand. Gladiators fought till a remarkable death, with most gladiators criminals, prisoners, and slaves, some were skilled fighters who won the crowd, money, and freedom, but most died at the emperor 's and spectators command of life or death. My conclusion for gladiators is that a brutal and very deadly game can make you a free and famous man or this game can have you die by a gladiator or savage animal, for the public 's entertainment of life or
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