Gladiators History

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Competitions are always intriguing to different people, especially when there’s a little fighting involved. Hockey has many opportunities for fights, and people always seem to like watching these big brawls break out on the ice. Football is filled with hitting and tackling, but back in 250 BCE, people liked to go to arenas and watch a very gruesome “sport.” They enjoyed watching people fight, sometimes to the death, with weapons and armor, in these big arenas. These fighters were called gladiators. Gladiators lives were extremely difficult, have been a part of history for over 2,000 years, and had many different techniques in their battles. The lives of gladiators were difficult. If they were imprisoned, they were treated horrendously with…show more content…
Several of these types include the thraex, eques gladiator, the provocator, hoplomachus, murmillo, retiarius, and essedarius. The thraex were female gladiators lightly armored with a curved sword, or a sica (Jarus). Eques gladiators were horseback riders with small, unusual weapons. Provocators wore a big, rectangular breastplate and fought with a sword. Hoplomachi fought with a 27 inch sword called a gladius and wore a visored helmet and metal greaves on their legs. Murmillones used a gladius, but eventually started using a spatha and had similar protection to that of the hoplomachi. Retiarii were very lightly armored fighters with no helmet, and they used three weapons, a net called a rete, a three tipped trident, and a small dagger. They used the net to entangle their opponents in the arena. Essedari, or war- chariot fighters, fought while in a chariot or on foot, with a six foot long wooden spear with an iron point on the end and a shield (Alchin). Although there are many different gladiator techniques, many of them were very similar with only minor differences. The different gladiators were even strategically placed with opponents of a specific kind. An example would be the hoplomachi usually fought the murmillones, because the styles together created a fair, but interesting…show more content…
Although the gladiators lead terrible lives, they will forever be renowned and remembered as the famous, brave fighters they were. They have already been a part of history for over two millennia, and they will be part of history for many more millenia to come. Not only the fighters, but their unique fighting styles, will be remembered eternally. Even when their arenas are gone, and their graveyards lost, these courageous fighters will always be

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