Glass Castle: The Walls Family

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The Walls family lived a very out of the ordinary life compared to most families. They lived all over the West side of America from Phoenix to San Francisco. Yet, one of the most important areas they lived in was Battle Mountain. Jeannette spent a huge chunck of her childhood here. Battle Mountain was where she started to grow up, experiencing learning to swim to kissing a boy. The family also had a stable income for the first time in Battle Mountain because Rosemary received a teaching job. In the memoir, Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls, the author, was most influenced by her time in Battle Mountain, as indicated by how she describes finally having an income and maturing there. Before Battle Mountain, the Walls family had a simple, yet sporadic lifestyle. They would live in a new area for a couple months, then pack up and leave in the middle of the night. Sometimes they even lived out of their junky cars with minimal supplies. When they first moved to Battle Mountain, the family did not have much money. The fridge was often empty, forcing the kids to eat margarine or starve. Rex and Rosemary got into a huge screaming debacle. As a result, Rosemary finally decided to put her teaching degree to use by finding a job at the local school. The steady salary helped increase the family’s living conditions some. Jeannette was relieved to not be…show more content…
Jeannette had a childhood of constantly moving from place to place with one personal item. In Battle Mountain, her mom had an actual job with an annual paycheck. Her family finally had a supply of food and had a smaller worry about money. She also developed many skills and life lessons in Battle Mountain that stuck with her. Jeannette learned to swim and experienced a crush. Battle Mountain was the most influential place her childhood because the Walls family came together and Jeannette started to grow
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