The Glass Castle Jeanette Walls Personal Response

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Jeanette Walls, from what I read in the Glass Castle, is a great author. This memoir of her childhood allowed me to feel and understand her perspective and situations she had growing up. It begins with Jeanette in a taxi questioning if she had been overdressed for her party. She looks out the window and ducks down when she sees her mother digging through a trash can. This shows the distinctive class differences between the two and foreshadows the book will be about how this split became apparent. The mom and dads parenting techniques are quite unique to what I've seen or heard of. Both parents, especially Mom, are very carefree and laid back. This is first shown with with Jeanette making hotdogs for herself when she was three, which resulted in a fire and a hospital stay for Jean. This is also the first big time I questioned the fathers sanity when he ran out of the hospital…show more content…
She's then put into a mental hospital for a year. The reasoning and blame behind Maureen's actions causes arguments between the family. Tension becomes apparent as the family drifts apart. Jeanette has matured passed her teenage years of being furious with her parents choices and chooses acceptance. Her bringing vodka at her fathers request proves she realizes Dads ways can't be changed. This was also the last time Jeanette could see her father before he died of a heart attack. In the last confrontation the two set aside their differences and they spent this meeting with love and remembrance. Their last conversation about the glass castle was confrontation of its illegitimacy, but on this day, the two rejoiced in how entertaining the plan of it was. After Dads death, she reconsiders her life and choices she's made; most significantly, her marriage with Eric. The fathers death causes the family to drift even farther apart and they don't meet again until five years later on Jeanette and her new husband's
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