Glass Ceiling Inequality

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The Glass Ceiling Exists as More Than Just an Inequality Some barriers exist as harder to overcome than others. For example, the glass ceiling or “concrete ceiling” as black women refer to it as. Qualification and ability have little bearing on advancement, while race and gender play a more important role. The racial and gender inequality needed a more impactful name because it’s discrimination on a higher level- discrimination that affects one’s lively hood and ability to support his or her family. As well as discrimination that effects the distribution of individuals doing well throughout the hierarchy of the workplace is unequally distributed. The glass ceiling has a bigger impact on minorities and black women. When white women were asked…show more content…
For example, one criterion explains the injustice of position when two individuals have the same qualifications: “A glass ceiling inequality represents a gender or racial difference that is not explained by other job-relevant characteristics of the employee “(Cotter, Hermen, Ovadia, and Vanneman). The first criterion exemplifies how big of an impact race and gender has on an employment decision. A person could go to college and obtain all the education and qualification, but the deciding factor can often come down to gender or race. Although some have the same qualifications, it’s important to note some people have different work ethic, therefore, work productivity could play a role in why qualified people not receiving positions equivalent to their “education, experience, abilities, motivation, and other job-relevant characteristics”( Cotter, Hermen, Ovadia, and Vanneman). The fact that race and gender play such a major role shows that the world has a lot more changes to make in order to balance and make the world more…show more content…
The glass ceiling not only exists as the inequalities at high levels, but the increase in discrimination as a person moves up the hierarchy. For example, two females, high in position recognized, although they surpassed some of the men and overcame the barrier, they face similar problems at high position: “’at first, I didn’t notice any problem, but as I get more senior I constantly feel that I am not treated as seriously by male peers. I am paid less in the partnership, my concerns are dismissed as emotional, etc.”( Cotter, Hermen, Ovadia, and Vanneman). Sadly, women still do not receive equal treatment. They can do the same jobs as their male counterparts and their value in the work field still exists as inferior. Although companies will try to justify the pay difference, very often, they do not have valid reasoning why the males receive higher pay. Although these women encounter inequalities at all levels, it’s not simply an inequality, but a glass ceiling effect as a result of the distribution of women at the top being smaller and the inequality increases as the women go up the rung of the job market
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