Glass Ceiling Phenomenon Report

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Section 1: Interdiction
The term Glass Ceiling is to describe the invisible barrier in the female professional life, it keeps female from the promotion or achieving higher qualifications. The Glass Ceiling phenomenon has been a controversial debate throughout last 3 decades. This report has aiming to explain the trends of the Glass Ceiling phenomenon. By the following 4 separate sections, which introduce the early Glass Ceiling situation; the turnover tendency of the female role in the professional life; unavoidable self considerations that might cause female to give up work; and also the Glass Ceiling phenomenon in feminist’s subjective comprehension, the report will illustrate objective facts to support the aspects as the Glass Ceiling has
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The radical feminists are also trying to gain female power. But their activities normally are too aggressive to be accepted by people. For example, FEMEN is a relatively well-known radical feminism group. Their slogan is “Our mission is protest, our weapons are bare breasts”. They use topless and radical action to achieve their proposition in political and social ways. This April they attacked Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard with water, shouts, and curses (Baklinsk, 2013). That action forced the police to stop them by extreme measures. Although their proposal of that action is justified, they choose an unacceptable way to execute…show more content…
There were evidences indicated glass ceiling was exisited in various areas and different countries. But, this phenomenon has been changed. Females are breaking glass ceiling, moreover in some areas females are higher than males. Today, however, the overstated voice about glass ceiling and strong resistances are exisited. That is because some of the feminists are too radical and spreading incorrect throughts and leading people to the wrong direction. Therefore, glass ceiling is not merely a notional idea in feminist’s mind. It was exisited in the past, but this stuation is being

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