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Kendall Topic: Glass Frog Specific Purpose: Glass Frogs, they are unique so now let 's talk and learn about some things about them. Usually you think of glass being fragile, and frogs being slimy and green but what would happen when you mix the two things together what would you make. Well those two things together would make something really cool and fun and it 's called a Glass Frog. This paper will tell you about this somewhat weird and fun species of frogs and that it is a lookalike of Kermit the frog. This is a new species of frogs which then goes into another category of a certain species of glass frogs, the frog is a lookalike of kermit the frog. A glass frog has abdominal skin on their so they can camouflage into leaves and on…show more content…
When Glass Frogs mate they do it after a rainy season or on a day that is foggy and rainy, They only mate in trees and not on the ground. When they are on the ground they are either meeting with a mate or the female is calling for a mate in a loud croaky sound, After a female has found a mate they then head to the tree to continue the circle of life. (Soft Schools). When mating season comes they only mate at night and the male glass frog chooses the site to mate in the tree, Female is the one who calls for the male to mate with later on. Once they are up in the tree and begin to start amplexing together they can take up to twenty to thirty hours together amplexing in the tree, after that process the to develope the tadpoles can take up to two to three weeks. When the tadpoles are developed in the stomach of the male frog then he regurgitates a clear bubble with all the baby tadpoles inside, the bubble that the tadpoles are in are made from the male frogs mucus. (Glass Frog Care and Information). The Glass Frog species was discovered in 2015 by Dr. Brian Kubicki and there were 120 species of glass frogs and now today there is 121 species. Only one of the species is a Kermit lookalike and was to be named Greenus Kermitus instead they named it fleischmanni. (Michael Franco). Because of Glass Frogs being so small they are very easy targets to catch and kill, but the glass frogs do have a way to hide. they hide under leaves on the ground or even on the plants, that 's the only way that they would have a chance of surviving. (Soft

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