Glass Half Empty

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Is the glass half full, empty, or is it just a glass with water in it? By simply answering this single question it can place a person into one of three categories: optimistic, pessimistic and realistic. These traits are widely debated as to which is the best mind set to possess and which is the worst.While not everyone can be neatly placed into a category all the time, these three cover the majority of how people tend to deal and see situations. Optimists are the group that see the glass half full. This group of people are positive thinkers."Optimist-in common with parlance-look on the bright side of life and retain hope in the face of significant challenges because they believe that things will turn out well" (Dobson and Dozios, 171). Often critizied for being too unrealistic with expections, this group always believes in the best outcome for any situation. While often precieved as being naive in the way of thinking it is this group others usually enjoy being around. With a positive…show more content…
People that belong to this group are known as realist. Realist view situations clearly, with no positive or negative preconception. This mind set is very factaul and decides if a result will be positive or negative based on evidence and past experience."Realism is a philosophy which attempts to depict things accurately, from either a visual, social or emotional perspective"(James Saward-Anderson,Realism is Not Pessimism). This seems to be the most ideal way to look at life and situations, however,it is hard to do so. People with a realist personality have to be able to keep emotion seperate from deducing a situation. This can cause realist to seem detached when deciding how something may occur. "Realist see things for what they are to the greatest extent possible" (James Saward-Anderson), while this is beneficial it is also tiring and lacks a certain emotional connection in dealing with
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