Metal X Glass Wallpaper Analysis Essay

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Metal X Glass Wallpaper by Arte
With ultra-fine glass beads added to the wallcovering on non-woven backing, the Metal X Glass Wallpaper is nothing but shiny and shimmery. The baroque flavour that goes with it, keeps it distinct and exclusive, while the underlying layer of lightly oxidised metal creates colour variations that dazzles the eye and adds character to any interior. Available in patterns of Plain Metallic, Damask Glassbeads, Damask Metallic, Damask Gold, Stripes Glassbeads, Stripes Gold, Leaves Glassbeads, and Tree Glassbeads.
Metallics Wallpaper by Arte
One of the classics in mural decoration, Metallics Wallpaper on non-woven backing easily turns empty walls into opulent and tasteful backdrops for when you want to relax in style
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The Radiant pattern embraces how easily linen wrinkles and creates something wonderful out of it. Damaslin, on the other hand, highlights the beauty of linen when ironed out – smooth and crisp, while Lino provides a clear insight as to just how classy linen can be. The Linen Collection undoubtedly belongs to superior residential and project interiors.
Wild Wallpaper by Arte
Bringing in the beauty of the wild into your home, the Wild Wallpaper is a hand-woven wallcovering made from natural plant fibres, but produced with a velvet feel, rather than a fibrous experience. It is one of the few Arte wallcoverings with fairly big prints, most appropriate for spacious rooms, but would look just as fitting and interesting in a small room. Go bold. Go wild.
Xanadu Wallpaper by Arte
Named after Kublia Khan’s summer residence, which is described as ‘full of luxury and magnificence’, the Xanadu Wallpaper is oozing with the same level of opulence and style. It can easily transform any interior, giving it the royal look and feel, without compromising design and refinement. This hand-woven wallcovering is made from the natural fibres of Abacá and Sisal, with under-prints integrated into it. Available in ten

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