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Staying stealthy on the prowl for big game is much easier when wearing hunting apparel from Glauber’s Sports. The Carrollton, KY gun shop offers a wide variety of hunting accessories and apparel as well as guns, ammunition, and archery equipment. In addition to an impressive inventory, the shop’s friendly staff regularly provides clients with hunting tips so they may enjoy the greatest success possible. Review a few of their best tips for remaining stealthy on the hunt, and don’t forget to stop by Glauber’s Sports whenever you’re low on apparel and accessories.
Go Slow: Move slowly...very slowly. Many hunters, particularly those new to the sport, make the classic mistake of moving too quickly and too much. Eliminate this issue permanently by choosing a good spot and staying there for at least five minutes if not longer. The less noise and movement you make, the better your chances of
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The beast is much more aware of its back trail when said trail is fresh. It’s better to still-hunt rather than follow in these situations. This is especially true if the animal isn’t in a clear line of sight and keeps stopping to munch on assorted woodland fare.
Stop Immediately If You Make Noise: Stop what you’re doing immediately if you step on a twig or make other noise. A deer, for example, may freeze and stare in your direction if it hears you, but will eventually go back about its business if you don’t move or make a sound.
Put these tips into practice and see if you don’t come home with more big game. Take advantage of Glauber’s Sports high-quality hunting apparel and accessories, all of which are designed to increase stealth and subsequently hunting success. The premier Carrollton gun shop also carries over 1,000 gun models.
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