Glaucus And The Danaüs: A Short Story

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Glaucus was a fisherman who was turned into a sea-god and fell in love with Scylla, a nymph. She was not fond of him since she thought he looked like a monster. Since she kept denying him, he went to Circe for a love potion. However, Circe falls in love with him. Although Glaucus denied her advances , Circe was furious with Scylla She poured a poison into the bath that Scylla was bathing in. Once she touched the water, she was turned into a frightful monster. She destroyed everything within her reach like Argonauts, Odysseus, and Aeneas. II.The Danaïds Danaüs had fifty daughters. During their weddings to their fifty cousins, they were each given a dagger. That night each daughter killed her husband except, Hypermnestra,who was filled with
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