Glee Postmodernist Analysis

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Glee as a Postmodernist Worldview
One of my favorite shows of all time is Glee. Maybe that’s because I love musicals or maybe because the whole premise of the show written down to one idea is that it tolerates diversity and that everyone writes their own path. The show Glee is about a bunch of misfit teenagers who are bullied for their differences and in return come together and create music together. All the kids in the show have a different race, sexual preference, religion and culture. The unique and amazing fact of this show is that they embrace each other’s differences and they stick up for one another. The popular television show ‘Glee’ predominantly has the worldview of postmodernism because of their acceptance of the belief that there
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People at times do not accept them because they are a quirky bunch of kids. To them, humanity is not beautiful and they want to have nothing with it. A postmodernist does not believe that anyone can tell them who they should be or what they should do with their life. The Glee cast too believes that if one day they all want to dress like Lady Gaga, even the guys, then they should be allowed to do that without experiencing judgment. The Glee cast has this cool way of redefining humanity and themselves any day that they please. In James Sire’s book, he states that the Postmodernist “are only what we describe ourselves to be (UND 226).”
Kurt states, “I Like me just the way I am and I’m not going to change for anyone.” I believe that this is a great way to conclude the belief system of the Glee cast and the belief system of a typical Postmodernist. In a nutshell, the Worldview likes to define who they are. They like to live life pleasing themselves and choosing what they believe should be right or wrong. Once they have defined themselves, they will not let anyone get in their way, because no one else has a right to judge them or tell them that the way that they are living is wrong. If they are happy, then that is the way that life should
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