Glen Cove: A Short Story

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The door slammed behind me as I strolled over my long driveway. Every one of the driveways on the-the black was indistinguishable. The single light post glimmered on and off bringing about brief snippets of complete darkness. The sound of broken glass bottles hitting the split asphalt is replayed over again consistently. Be careful and keep an eye out for Shattered glass, old coffee containers and garbage kicked to the side of the sideway. As I stroll through my town late during the evening the youthful noisy kids wander around irritating the peace searching for something to keep themselves entertained. Meanwhile, the parents let their children do as they please. There isn 't the feeling of "family". Glen Cove isn 't the perfect spot to…show more content…
Glen Cove is a town that talks. Everybody knows everybody 's business. the kids, the grown-ups, everybody gossips. The general population isn 't as kind as you want them to be. They are impolite. Long as you keep to yourself you have no problems to be concerned about. That 's not the case in my town. The old men look out their front way to watch out for the two peculiar men who chose to stop in that spot. That happens constantly. Individuals here are dishonest and suspicious,

Kids here in Glen Cove fall into the example of getting to be troublemakers. Kids begin causing trouble because there 's nothing else they can do. Now and then it is lead illicit exercises. Signs are drawn all over and vandalized. In Glen Cove, there is always a fight. Everybody in Glen Cove is connected either by family or mutual friends. When vandalism isn 't sufficient the kids look for a greater rush. Finding drugs and liquor is anything but difficult to get here. Little weed baggies and personal-sized bottles of vodka are hurled on school grounds. The general population has no shame nor do
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When it comes to the houses Glen Cove you get what you pay for. It 's expensive for beautiful houses that look like castles. But the taxes are extremely high. If you 're on a lower budget you have no other choice than choosing the apartment buildings. Glen Cove is basically all public housing. You definitely don 't want to raise a family in one of these public-housings exposing your children to things like bugs and drugs dealers and gang activity.

Glen cove isn 't the worst place raise a family. There isn 't much to do here. It 's a boring town. the cost of living here is too expensive. The schools are no good. From outside point of view, it 's beautiful but you don 't know what really goes on here. Glen cove is not where you want to raise your family. The typical cost for basic items here is excessively costly. The schools are no great. From outside perspective, it 's excellent but if you don 't live here you don 't know what really goes on here. Glen cove is not where you
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